Solugenix has been developing game changing technology solutions since 1969. 


Solugenix has a rich history which goes back longer than many organizations in this industry. It was founded in 1969 by T. Russell Shields. It was known then as Shields Enterprises Incorporated and later as SEI Information technology. Through the years, this business unit helped generate ground-breaking, industry-defining solutions. Before cell phones even became known to consumers, Solugenix developed the first cell phone billing systems. And still, our systems are in the DNA of most cell phone billing systems today.

Solugenix later developed a comprehensive database and tools for geographic navigation, before anyone believed in the practicality of it. Our mapping and routing applications were the first to be deployed on the Internet - even before the web came to fruition. Most mapping and routing solutions on the web today, including Yahoo Maps and Mapquest, have some code and data that we developed in the 1990's.

We also pioneered a structured approach to technology support, for the quick service restaurant industry in the 1980's, when that industry was used to fragmented, spotty support.



Solugenix team members seek to accomplish this mission, “To provide clients with comprehensive technology services based on quality and innovation."


The philosophy behind this mission is:

  • To provide all clients with the highest quality of service.
  • To always perform and deliver a job done well, whether it is a client or internal project.
  • To hire and cultivate high quality employees.
  • To provide our employees with innovative career and compensation programs that stimulate quality and personal growth.



A long-term commitment between the company and the employees at Solugenix results in stable project teams, depth of experience and mature processes. Some team members have been with us for more than two decades and the average tenure is over 7 years.

Consultants are trained to focus on the value they create for your business – not just to look at the technical solutions.

The longest serving independent IT consulting firm in the nation, built upon the importance of relationships with technology, clients and employees. Our three largest customers have been with us for more than 20 years.



The saying "our people are our best assets" is not a cliché for us. We believe that our ownership and leadership structure has given us the fortune of being innovative pioneers in the IT industry.

Innovative cutting-edge solutions to solve your technology issues – we build teams to meet your business needs, when and where you want.

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