ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)

Inconsistent service delivery, encumbering legacy CRM software, high case volumes, and disjointed service teams are just some of the issues faced by many customer service teams. While some may have tools that work, they don’t all work together. ServiceNow® alleviates these issues with an integrated platform that bridges communication between teams.

Solugenix is bringing the future to Customer Service Management with an integrated cloud-based platform —ServiceNow. The ServiceNow platform combines functionality and form in a way that truly streamlines the way Customer Service works.

Discover the Power of ServiceNow for CSM

ServiceNow’s solution to Customer Service Management brings Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into the next era. Its powerful features are both intuitive and enabling.

Accessible omni-channel customer service support interactions

Enabling self-service catalogs that reduce case volume and repetitive tasks

Integrated Field Service and Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration —all in one place

Enhanced case management that enables faster resolution of issues

Proactive issue handling with automated root cause identification and resolution

Integrated case resolution to streamline communication across different parts of the business

Complete service transparency between agents and customers for enhanced case resolution

Deeper customer connections with customer satisfaction surveys

The Benefits

✔  Ameliorate Customer Experiences with intelligent case management and omni-channel engagement

✔  Solve problems quickly with automated Root Cause identification and resolution

✔  Overcome internal service team “silos” with real-time collaboration capabilities

✔  Increase customer retention with better insights into customer experiences

✔  Respond to customer concerns before they become an issue

✔  Improve brand image and customer loyalty by identifying issues and solving them before they cause disruption

Who We've Helped

Solugenix has a track record of successful Customer Service Management projects within the following industries:


IT & Telecommunications | Healthcare | Financial

Manufacturing | Entertainment | Professional Services

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CoSMoS℠ Customer Service Maturity Model

Solugenix brings today’s service firms into the future with CoSMoS. CoSMoS helps customer service organizations understand where they rank, compared to other service organizations, on the maturity scale and enables them to make make changes that improve ROI for their organization.


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ServiceNow for CSM transforms customer service into what it should be:




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