Support Center Services

Delighting Your Customers, Earning Trust and Fortifying Your Brand Loyalty

Solugenix Corporation is in the same business as you because we run service desks and support centers under our own roof for companies like CIT Group, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. That means we understand your workforce pain points that can range from scheduling, training and retention to operational concerns such as metrics, customer satisfaction and beyond.

All of these factors combined empower us with the experience, expert teams, tools, and methodologies to:

  • Improve your customers’ experience with quality support
  • Align your current support operations to grow and become better aligned with your business needs OR
  • Acquire a specialized team of people with the combination of the right background and experience to understand your products and services in-depth

Technical Support Services

Solugenix offers you a full scope of IT Support Center Service options to meet your organization’s unique needs. You decide which options work best for your organization or consult with us and let us help you determine the best approach.

Companies in the Healthcare, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, or Financial industry face even greater challenges. Compliance and regulatory concerns create an added layer of complexity and skills specialization.  Solugenix brings deep experience in these industries to partner with you and your organization in providing exceptional customer experiences, regardless of the unique circumstances you may face.  These industries include:

  • Finance / Banking / Portfolio Management / Trading
  • Healthcare (Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals)

Type of Support

Resolving support services challenges can be draining on an organization. As a result, you may seek a support center solutions for some or all of these services:

  • IT Service Desk
    • Tier 1 Technical Helpdesk
    • Tier 2 Desktop/Desk-side Support
  • Enterprise/Business Application Support Desk
    • Complex business system or proprietary application support
  • Product Support Desk
    • Technical, Clinical or other specialized product support
    • Sales and Service
    • Recall
    • Complaint and inquiry processing
    • Field Dispatch service coordination
  • Business Process/Back Office Support
    • Invoice Processing
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Purchasing

The Solugenix Difference:
Center of Excellence

The Solugenix Center of Excellence (CoE) deepens its partnership with you by analyzing your current state processes and applying customized solutions that deliver specific improvements. These improvements can include everything from workforce and management training to process improvements that are sustainable and adaptable for the long haul.

While Solugenix CoE is customized to the needs of each business, optimization can include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Process Evaluation, Improvement & Development (CPI)
  • Dedicated “Center of Excellence” Team Focused on Support Center Best Practices

Our Qualifications

We take compliance and regulatory requirements seriously. Our team has successfully met requirements for multiple regulatory agencies, including:
  • FDA
  • ISO
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
  • Internal Audits

Workforce (Outsourced or Insourced)

  • Workforce optimization & succession planning
  • Proactive work load assignment & management
  • Training development & delivery
  • Monitoring & escalation processes
  • Remote Support / Field Support
  • Option to transition existing staff to our team

Locations and Technical Support Options

  • Off-Site Service at Our Facility
  • On-Site at Your Facility
  • Off-Site/On-Site Combination (During Transition)

Contact Channels

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Web
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile

Support Level/Model

  • Dedicated or Shared Services Model
  • Customized Tiered Support Levels – L1, L2 and/or L3

Support Times

  • Worldwide Live Answer Options (25x7x365)
  • Centralized Support/Follow-the-Sun

The Results

When you partner with Solugenix to meet your IT Support Center Service needs, you will experience these benefits:

  • Strict adherence to regulatory and employment requirements means you worry less about negative effects from non-compliance.
  • An optimized workforce that reduces downtime and unnecessary expenses.
  • Existing staff, who already know your business and customers, can be retained and transferred to our team. This solution results in lower headcount without loss of your existing knowledge.
  • Having qualified staff, optimized training processes, and reliably tracked service levels can increase quality of service.

Your Next Steps

Solugenix helps organizations like yours, manage mission-critical business applications with predictable, fixed monthly costs while increasing operational transparency, quality and maturity levels.

Solugenix Support Center Services can improve your service quality, alleviate regulatory concerns, and fortify your brand’s positive image. Let us help you create exceptional customer experiences that make you stand out from the competition.

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