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Consistency You Can Count On

There is no shortcut for experience. Back when IBM and Burroughs were focused on selling hardware and throwing in software and services as an afterthought, Solugenix was the first company to specialize in software development and services. Since then, we've outlasted all of our competitors and have maintained a stable team for more than 50 years.

That stability is our greatest asset, because it has given us the opportunity to develop mature processes that eliminate uncertainty in outcome, uncertainty in schedule and uncertainty in budget. Our resilience and collective expertise ensures you get the certainty you’re looking for from your technology partner.

While you may not have heard of us, you’ve definitely seen our work: whenever you map a route, order a hamburger or check the balance of your mutual fund. Our team developed those technologies for our clients and the business processes that made them a success.

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Featured Services

Digital Strategy & Engineering

Delivering future ready, extensible and internet scale digital platforms

Business Automation Technologies & RPA

Leveraging automation and next-generation technologies to eliminate tedious tasks

Software Development Lifecycle Services

Support services for all stages of the application development cycle

Multi-Unit Retail Support

Single point of contact for all your retail support needs

Professional Staffing Services

Providing high-quality talent to help your organization scale

ServiceNow® Solutions

As an Elite Partner, we offer a full spectrum of solutions to support your business objectives

Support Center Services

Creating exceptional customer experiences that help outshine the competition

Mortgage Origination & Servicing

With offices around the world, we're able to ensure each task is performed optimally and 24/7

Digital Strategy & Engineering

Digital is the new normal for customer experience, employee engagement, optimizing operations, talent development and is at the core of corporate strategy. Research indicates rapid digitalization would accelerate enterprise technology adoption journey from early adopters to early majority, as companies race to gain competitive advantage in a digital market.

Choosing the right strategic partner in the enterprise digital transformation journey saves valuable time and resources, and provides an edge by getting it right the first time.

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Business Automation Technologies & RPA

According to McKinsey & Company, nearly 45% of business tasks can be automated based on business rules. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help you begin that process in a cost-effective and non-invasive way.

"Bots" are simply software programs that mimic the behavior of your human staff, eliminating mistakes from human error and freeing your team to focus on more complex tasks. Rather than replacing company software, RPA takes advantage of existing applications to perform tasks the same way your employees do.

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Software Development Lifecycle Services

Your organization must operate in an increasingly complex global business environment in which cloud, mobility and everything-as-a-service (XaaS) are the data process tools of the digital enterprise.

In this environment where applications are foundational to organizational stability, growth and agility, Solugenix Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Services are the key to achieving your business goals.

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Multi-Unit Retail & Restaurant Support Services

We offer a single point of contact for all your retail support needs. Eighty percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, according to research by IBM. 

For retailers, this reality raises the bar on what to expect from your support partner. It's more than simply answering the phone. By then, it's often far too late.

Instead, a support partner should take a proactive stance. Which means putting in just as much work as you are at monitoring, iterating and optimizing for a stellar customer experience.

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Professional Staffing Services

As IT and Service Management experts and innovators for over five decades, Solugenix is in the best position to partner with your business in order to seek out and vet the best IT talent with proven real-world experience.

Our IT professionals are well grounded in Service Management in order to fit your business needs today and tomorrow.

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ServiceNow® Implementations & Support Services

Solugenix is a leader in ServiceNow customer satisfaction, driving digital transformation and accelerating positive change across industries for mid-size enterprises and the Global 2000.  

We bring decades of IT Service Management and Customer Service Management expertise to all our engagements. Combined with process maturity, this ensures successful and efficient ServiceNow platform implementations.

Solugenix specializes in working with technology-driven industries, and we understand what your business requires to deliver exceptional experiences.

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Support Center Services

Solugenix is the Support Center partner dedicated to elevating your brand. We design your contact center solution to provide your customers with the best experience possible every time. Leverage the value of our TRACESM Center of Excellence, to drive successful outcomes for your customers.

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Mortgage Origination & Servicing

We understand time is money. A faster time to close not only eases cashflow, but it enables you to cycle more frequently and keeps your customers happy and coming back to do more business.

With offices around the world, we're able to ensure each task is performed optimally and on a 24-hour clock. We play mortgage hot potato, because we know that's where the value is.

But economics isn't really your concern — you want to know about our quality and process maturity. In other words, can we improve your service level efficiency and ROI at the same time?

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The Solugenix Advantage

Lots of partners can sell or setup a technology, but few can deliver the leadership needed to realize its value.

Fiercely Independent

We don't have shareholders or investors to tell us "no," offering us the freedom to make long-term decisions and invest in our clients' success

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Unparalleled Predictability

Our experience and process maturity means we know what to do and how long it will take, ensuring your project is completed on time and on-budget. 

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Renowned for Heroic Turnarounds

Need help stabilizing operations? We have a long history of making the "impossible" possible.

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True Partnership & Leadership

We take our role as trusted advisor to heart and cater our capabilities to your precise needs

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Why Clients Love Us

Whether we're talking service excellence or technical expertise, we know what to do and how to get the job done right. Every time.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with the Solugenix team for the past year and I can firmly say that this is the best development team that I have had in all my 20 years of managing projects and programs. Words cannot express how much I recommend this team. Thank you all for being such great team members. If I had to rate you on a 1-5 scale, you would get a 5++!”

Paige Pavlik
Program Manager, Retail Tech Manufacturer

“You really set the gold standard for me in terms of being a flexible and engaged business partner. It's been an honor and a pleasure working with you.”

Vice President, Retail Systems Management

“Solugenix has been very responsive. The consistency of your team and the stability of the team makes our job easier, because your team understands the job, but they also understand our company.”

Controller, DoALL

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